Panelized Building Systems

Delivered Worldwide


Morgan Panelized Buildings combine the best of Engineering and Design with the exceptional speed of Manufacturing and Delivery that only Morgan can provide.

Morgan has been the Pioneer and Industry Leader in Modular, Portable and Panelized Buildings for over 45 years.

Morgan  applies its unique Rigid-frame construction and proven Assembly-line processes to manufacture its Panelized Buildings.

Morgan's Panelized Buildings are design-engineered to be packed and shipped with minimal space requirements, enabling them

to be economically shipped Anywhere in the World.

Morgan has 6 large-capacity Manufacturing Plants throughout the United States. For major projects such as Emergency Housing and Disaster Relief, Morgan can quickly mobilize its panelized building manufacturing plants to respond.

Post-disaster Reconstruction projects utilizing panelized structures can also be planned, engineered and manufactured by Morgan's team of  designers, engineers and plant personnel.

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Panelized Buildings  by Morgan's Team are designed to be packed in optimized, space- saving units that can be shipped by Truck, Rail, or Sea-going Vessel.

The Panelized system is ideal for remote locations, or where normal goods and services have become unavailable due to catastrophic events.

Panelized Packaging
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of Panelized Buildings


The Panelized units are constructed of conventional materials that require no more than semi-skilled labor to assemble at the destination point or staging areas.

Morgan's Panelized Buildings offer exceptional strength when assembled, enabling the completed units to be easily moved or shipped as a whole to new locations.

Panelized Building Assembly
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All can be reached at our Morgan toll-free number: 1-800-935-0321

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